January 01, 2023 2 min read

Hey Queen! 

It is Page 1 of Chapter 1 of your new season - a fresh page for which only you (by way of the Creator) holds the royal pen to write.

I don’t mean to pry, but - What are you writing? What are you envisioning for yourself this time around? What are you manifesting? What changes are you making?

Change, a word that’ll make you cringe much quicker than you’d smile - am I right? (I think so)

Whether we realize it or not, life is a series of transitions - change. And even the good ones, come with a multitude of emotions: fear, excitement, anxiety, anticipation, confusion and the list goes on!

It’s because we get so comfortable in our current routines, circumstances or way of life; but in order to progress, to evolve and tap into our fullest potential - change has to occur.

Here are 5 Steps to Embrace Change This Year:

  1. Accept it - Change is inevitable, normal and necessary (you can even use this as an affirmation to help it sink in).
  2. Do some introspective work - Make a list of all of the changes you can think of that you have experienced over the past year and then classify them as voluntary (you had control) or involuntary (you had no control) changes. By outlining and classifying them, it helps you to physically take stock and note that you overcame the feelings that came with them.
  3. Give Yourself grace - There will be items that were and were not in your control but rest easy in the fact that you are not defined by the changes you encounter. Changes can affect you and you get to decide what they mean for you but this, by no means, is a definition of you or your character - you are not that experience.
  4. Create routines - Whether it be morning or evening routines, meal preps - whatever you like - create them so that regardless of transitioning you can rely on some sort of constant aspect from day to day to help you feel grounded and secure.
  5. Practice self care - Take care of yourself, treat yourself, celebrate yourself - it fuels you up and gives you the ammunition to keep pressing on and facing change head on.

I hope whatever changes you're about to make concludes in your favor and that this new year is all you hope for!

If you want to catch up with me, check out my latest Youtube video to see how I've been dealing with change: [Click Here]



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